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Holistic Body
For A Natural Birth

Get pregnancy and birth back into your own hands. 


Discover the secrets to a stress-free, natural birth experience with my 4-week online course.

Learn how to overcome fear, prepare your body and mind, stay present, and manage pain. Get step-by-step guidance on how to achieve a safe and fulfilling birth that prioritizes your health and that of your baby. Gain confidence and feel empowered in your birthing experience. By the end of this course, you’ll have everything you need to bring your baby into the world in the way you want. Start your journey to a positive birth experience today.

This is for you if...

… you are preparing to welcome a baby into your life. Whether you are pregnant, trying to conceive or want to prepare body, mind and soul for conception. You want a natural birth where the baby has the best start in life and where you are going to feel empowered.


“Tamara’s natural birth course was an incredible experience. I found the course informative and empowering, and the holistic approach to childbirth education was invaluable. The mind-body connection was emphasized throughout the course, and the practical strategies provided have helped me feel much more confident about the birthing process. I highly recommend it!”

“I cannot recommend Tamara’s natural birth course enough. The course offered a wealth of knowledge and practical advice that was grounded in scientific studies. The holistic approach to childbirth education was refreshing and empowering, and the emphasis on the mind-body connection was invaluable. I feel much more prepared for the birthing process thanks to this course.”

“Taking Tamara’s Holistic Body for a Natural Birth course was the best decision I made during my pregnancy. The course was comprehensive, informative, and empowering. The holistic approach to childbirth education was truly unique, and the emphasis on the mind-body connection was invaluable. I left the course feeling much more confident about the birthing process and equipped with practical tools and strategies for achieving a positive birth experience. I highly recommend this course to anyone.”

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About Me

My name is Tamara, I serve as a trauma informed conscious doula to help women to prepare mind, body and soul to have a less painful and fearful birth, and prevent PPD . I am a certified teacher of the self-centering Practice “Happy Human Formula” (with Elizabeth Menzel) and a trainees in the Deep Body Practitioner in the Deep Body Model® (with the Deep Body Institute).

I have specialized knowledge and years of experience supporting women and mommies feel soothed, supported, and cared for. I know the most common worries and ailments you’ll face and the best ways to treat them.