Embodied Mama

From overwhelmed to empowered, a personalized support for a happier, healthier you.
1670 USD 3months | 4900USD 2470USD 6months

A transformative journey designed for mothers seeking to rediscover their authentic selves. Immerse yourself in a unique blend of Self-Centering Practice and cutting-edge neuroscience, as we embark on a path to cultivate new habits that align with your true essence. Together, we’ll navigate the realms of self-discovery, helping you reclaim your identity, conquer stress, and invite more joy and energy into your life. Discover the art of balancing your roles as a devoted mother, a confident woman, and a passionate lover or wife.

Big Promise:

Welcome to a transformative journey designed exclusively for postpartum women, tailored to elevate your life and redefine your postpartum experience. Rooted in neuroscience and the principles of Somatic Experiencing, this program is thoughtfully crafted to be trauma-sensitive, guiding you towards creating healthy habits, remaining present, and fostering a profound mind-body connection through the innovative Deep Body Model®.

My commitment is to support you in establishing a resilient foundation that not only aids you during this delicate postpartum phase but extends into the ongoing journey of motherhood. The personalized support provided ensures holistic practices that keep you grounded and relaxed as you navigate the unique challenges of postpartum life. With unwavering support and accountability, our goal is to empower you to transition from feeling overwhelmed to truly empowered, enabling you to thrive amidst the joys and complexities of postpartum experiences.


Stress Mastery:
Imagine a typical day with a toddler having a meltdown. With stress mastery, you may find yourself responding more calmly, navigating the situation with patience and understanding. This not only eases the immediate stress but contributes to a more harmonious and enjoyable day.

Physical Well-being:
Establishing healthy postpartum habits can manifest in increased stamina and endurance. Picture chasing after your energetic preschooler with newfound physical vitality, allowing you to actively participate in playtime and outdoor activities without feeling easily fatigued.

Emotional Resilience:
Postpartum emotions can fluctuate even years after childbirth. With emotional resilience, you might handle a challenging day, such as
balancing work and parenting, with a positive mindset. This resilience can positively impact your emotional well-being, creating a more stable and fulfilling daily experience.

Holistic Support:
Consider facing the demands of parenting a school-aged child, juggling extracurricular activities, and managing household responsibilities. Holistic support provides personalized strategies for effective time management and self-care, ensuring you navigate these responsibilities with grace and confidence.

Empowered Transition:
As your child grows, you’ll encounter various developmental stages. An empowered transition means you can guide your child through these stages with confidence. Picture navigating the challenges of adolescence or helping with homework, feeling empowered in your role as a supportive and understanding parent. This empowerment contributes to a more fulfilling and enriching daily family life.

Trauma-Informed Care:

Delve into a life-changing journey with our trauma-informed care, tailored specifically for mothers who may carry the weight of past
traumas related to childbirth or postpartum depression. This unique facet of the program offers a compassionate and understanding approach, guiding you through the process of processing and healing. Imagine reclaiming a sense of control over your narrative, allowing you to navigate motherhood with newfound strength and resilience. This transformative support is integral to your empowerment and contributes to a positive and fulfilling daily life, breaking free from the shadows of past traumas.


What you can expect from this program…

  • 1 Orientation Call: A personalized session to explore your current situation and articulate your goals.
  • 1 Monthly Zoom Session: Live support to guide you through each step of your journey.
  • 1 Monthly Embodiment Session: Immerse yourself in live sessions based on the Deep Body Model® to connect with your true self.
  • 3 Healing Sessions: Tailored to your desires, these live sessions provide focused support
  • Weekly Email: Receive a new, simple exercise every week to integrate into your routine
  • Email Support: Reach out anytime for additional guidance and support.
  • 1 Therapy Session: Benefit from a dedicated session with an expert therapist.

Regardless of your age, life experiences, or stage in motherhood, this program promises a journey of healing and self-discovery.

The 1:1 six-month program, whether in-person or virtual, is committed to creating lasting habits and ensuring you never revert to old patterns.
While the 3-month option offers support, the transformative promise holds true with a minimum commitment of 6 months.

I'll be there every step of the way, guiding you until you are ready to navigate the journey independently.

Women who’ve attended this program report:


“In just 3 weeks I have seen incredible results!”


She was a great support for me and I’m glad she was there helping me.


“The support and the various techniques and exercises all in small bites were indispensable for me. I am happy to have you by my side!”

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Why Choose me?

As a trauma informed certified doula, certified teacher of the self-centering Practice "Happy Human Formula" and certified "Guardian of the Rebozo" I have specialized knowledge and years of experience supporting women and mommies feel soothed, supported, and cared for. I know the most common worries and ailments you’ll face and the best ways to treat them. I’ll teach help you feel empowered and capable. We can discuss any fears, doubts, trauma you may have and I’ll give you trustworthy counsel and tools to care for you first and then your child, family, career. In addition to evidence-based information, physical, mental, emotional attention, you may request to receive energetic healing to help restore the natural flow of energy in your body.