Rebozo Massage – For Fertility

1250,-Kr 60min | 3380,-Kr 3Sessions | 5600,-Kr 5Sessions

(VAT Included)

The Rebozo is a woven handmade fabric. It is an extension of the hands of grandmothers and represents the unity of intention and wisdom. It is truly an ancient wisdom passed down from one generation to the next.

It is a natural medicine procedure that can be used alone or as a support to conventional infertility therapies.

What you can expect from Fertility Massage…

  • I will welcome you with a ceremonial cup of cacao, in a well ventilated and clean room.
  • This massage is done with your clothes on.
  • It help to dissolve internal tensions.
  • Improves the physical conditions for fertility.
  • Normalizes body temperature.
  • Stimulates the sexual organs.
  • It “opens” the body channels, letting the energies flow more freely.
  • The ideal is to start the fertility massage around the 23rd day of your cycle.
  • While sometimes just one massage is enough, a series of 3 massages is suggested (1 per month).

Improving the physical conditions for fertility with an ancient practice!

Women who’ve received Fertility Massage report:

“After years of trying, I got pregnant after just one treatment. I still don’t believe it!”

“I am extremely convinced that stress is the number one enemy of fertility. This treatment created deep relaxation and openness to receive“


Why Choose me?

As a trauma informed certified doula with specialized expertise in Postpartum Depression, I have years of experience helping women feel soothed, supported, and cared for as your baby grows. After my Intensive Training Certification on Rebozo Medicine (Angelina Martinez Miranda) in 2021, I was granted the title of Guardian of the Rebozo. It carries with it a long and sacred history that I intend to honor by bringing knowledge and healing to other women through its use. I know the most common worries and ailments you’ll face and the best ways to treat them. I’ll teach you how to cope with pain and help you feel empowered and capable in preparation to give birth. We can discuss any fears, doubts, trauma you may have and I’ll give you trustworthy counsel and tools to care for you and your baby. In addition to evidence-based information, physical, mental, emotional preparation, you may request to receive energetic healing to help restore the natural flow of energy in your body.