Conscious Birth Program

7770,-Kr (VAT Included)

Top holistic program that cover every aspect of your birth preparation, the secret of how to overcome your fears, stay fully present, and deal with pain. I am offering you a life-changer process of transformation for an easier birth. You’ll get hold of the important skills you need throughout pregnancy, birth, and into motherhood.

What you can expect from this program…

  • 5-6 meetings for a total of around 10 to 15 hours
  • audio files for meditations,
  • downloadable handouts
  • 1on1 Womb Healing session is available if you desire

And I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

I can take you through the Conscious Birth Program with or without your partner or you can choose to do it entirely on your own. Although, I strongly recommend having a reliable
support team throughout your pregnancy into motherhood.

Course Curriculum


  • Grounding and embodiment.
  • Rest Smart

Get Your Body Ready

  • Birth Stages
  • Body preparation training
  • Nutrition for an easier birth

Ancestral Knowledge

  • Connect with your baby inside. Meditation
  • Rebozo Practices

Birth Physiology

  • What is a positive and gentle birth?
  • Effects of fear and decision making
  • Undisturbed birth and hormones for a natural and gentle birth.

Comfort Measures in Labor

  • Deep Listening
  • Breathing exercises
  • Befriend your fear
  • Anchor Meditation

Empowerment Coaching

  • Discover how your unique stress storm is created
  • Quick solution session

Energy Work

  • Emotional release ceremony
  • Womb Healing Session

Birth Art

  • Visualize and create your ideal birth

Women who’ve participated report:

“Thanks for the support. The birth was a sweet family water birth as I hoped and there was no fear, just trust and surrender.”


“I took part in Tamara’s birth preparation course “Conscious Birth” – it was not only helpful in preparing for the birth, but also just finding new things about you. How do you cope with stress, how to deal with it.”


I had a conscious birth where I was able to stay present and deal with the pain in a gentle way. All the things in the program were very helpful and breathing using vowels was the key for me.”


“Now I feel really ready for birth”

Why Choose me?

As a trauma informed certified doula, I have specialized knowledge and years of experience helping expectant mommies feel soothed, supported, and cared for as your baby grows inside of you. I know the most common worries and ailments you’ll face and the best ways to treat them. I’ll teach you how to cope with pain and help you feel empowered and capable in preparation to give birth. Your program will be completely customized to your needs and wishes. We can discuss any fears, doubts, trauma you may have and I’ll give you trustworthy counsel and tools to care for you and your baby. In addition to evidence-based information, physical, mental, emotional preparation, you may request to receive energetic healing to help restore the natural flow of energy in your body.