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My name is Tamara De Zotti, I am an Italian mother of two children and certified doula.

I arrived in Norway 7 months pregnant and with a 1 year old child. At that time I did not speak Norwegian and only a little English. I confess that this was a very difficult time in my life.

Apart from my husband’s compassionate support, I had absolutely no one here and spent my days locked up at home, feeling lonely and afraid.

However, my daughter’s birth at Ullevål ABC, here in Oslo was a totally illuminating experience that made me realize how much I missed out on during my son’s birth.

You see, my son had been taken away just after birth to be washed, weighed and dressed, but my daughter was instantly placed against my breast.

The memory of the smell of my newborn daughter is something that I still remember after many years. It breaks my heart that I can’t say the same thing about my son.

Like me, many women have had their newborn child taken from them too quickly, which affects the future of their relationship with their child.

This has a tremendous ripple out effect as it impacts how that child functions in relationships as they grow into adulthood. Which affects how that adult functions in society – which affects how they treat their own children.

I understand how a fully conscious and informed birth can make a huge difference throughout the life of the child, the mother, the family, and humanity! 

I emerged strengthened by my hard experience and became a Doula to give other women the opportunity to reclaim their power, know their options and rights, and support them in their choices, whatever they are.

I’ve been counseling women during pregnancy and after birth since 2008 and wrote a book on the sleep of babies, Dormire bene per crescere felici.

The book is only in Italian, but you can benefit from my successful “Sleep Well” workshops given in English, and Italian. 

My doula work is so exceptional because I take a completely holistic approach that involves physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual support. For this reason, you will find practices like reiki and womb healing among my many other certifications.

I feel passionate about helping women reclaim their natural power of birth and I look forward to helping you along your pregnancy and birth journey. Contact me today and we’ll schedule a free consultation for you.


My education and qualifications

    • I am a trauma-informed Certified Birth Doula (CBD (CBI)), Postpartum Doula – 2015
    • Spinning Babies workshop – 2016
    • Rebozo certification with Gena Kirby – 2017
    • Certified Butterfly Touch Massage – 2017
    • Usui Reiki Ryoho, Reiki Master and teacher – 2017
    • Spiritual Shamanic Initiation The Munay Ki Certified – 2017
    • Childbirth Educator and Lactation Consultant in training
    • Hypnobirthing Program – 2018
    • Nutritional advisor ( Nutritional advisor – 2018 – Professional Diploma in fitness and weightloss – 2019)
    • Certified Pregnancy Massage – 2019
    • Certified Moon Mother Level 2 (Womb Blessing and Womb Healing) – 2019
    • Shamanic journeying ceremony and ritual (Sharon Ramel and Sandra Ingerman) – 2018/2019
    • Holistic Wellness Health Coach  – 2019
    • The Healing Trauma by Peter Levine – 2019
    • Releasing the Grip of Fear by Tara Brach – 2019
    • Deep Body Studies (Movement and Embodiment) – started in 2019
    • Microbiome baby, teacher – 2020
    • Professional Energy Mastery (Elizabeth Menzel) – 2020/2021
    • The Shamans Way Of Healing (Villoldo) – 2021


  • I speak fluent English and Italian, and intermediate level of Norwegian (B1)


I live in Oslo and take assignments in and around Oslo up to about 40 km away (Oslo, Bærum, Akershus, Drammen). The classes, packages and energy sessions that I offer are available both in person and virtually. Check out my services.


You deserve expert guidance through one of the most important times in your life.
The Natural Power of Birth honors your desires and respects your wishes, while professionally informing you of all of your options and giving you the emotional support you need. I’m honored to be of service to you and your family.

Let’s talk about how I can help you plan and prepare for the next step on your journey!

The first meeting is always free and there is no obligation. Click below to schedule a free 30 minutes meeting.

With warmth and respect, Tamara



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2 thoughts on “About Tamara

  1. Hei!
    Jeg heter Laura og jeg er 27 uker gravid, og jeg leter etter en doula å følge fødselen min om de siste ukene. Jeg er spansk, men jeg snakker norsk og engelsk på middels nivå.
    Det er mitt andre barn, og jeg har plass på ABC fødsel avdeling i Oslo. Termin datoen er 9 August, men min følelse er at det kan bli født tidligere. Mitt første barn ble født 3 uker for tidlig, og dette svangerskapet har de samme følelsene.

    Jeg ønsket at du sender meg informasjon om deg.
    Litt som språkrer at du snakker, filosofi, utdanning, erfaring, pris, måten du jobber på ..

    Jeg leter etter noen til å følge meg på denne veien, det er min første erfaring med en doula, og jeg er veldig glad i det.

    Tusen takk, og jeg håper svaret ditt.

    Mvh. Laura Garces

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