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My life

My name is Tamara, I am an Italian mother of two children. The first was born in Italy in 2006. Then destiny wanted my husband to find a job in Norway and so, since 2008 I have been living in Oslo with a brief interruption in 2011, in which I lived in the fantastic Australia.

I arrived in Norway 7 months pregnant and with a child of just one year. At That time I did not know the Norwegian language and my English was of a poor scholastic level. I confess that this was a very difficult time in my life. Apart from my husband’s compassionate support, I had absolutely no one here and, for months, I spent my days locked up at home, basically for fear. This went on for several months after the birth of my daughter at Ullevål ABC. However, the experience of my daughter’s birth here in Oslo has been essential. I realized how many things and occasions I lost when my son was born. First of all was the skin-to-skin contact. My son was taken away just after birth to be washed, weighed and dressed. The memory of the smell of my newborn daughter is something that I still remember after many years. I can’t say the same thing for my son.

The beginning of my career

What can I say? In the end I emerged strengthened by this hard experience. All this led me to discover the figure of the doula, which I did not know before and, become one myself. I want to give other women the opportunity to know their options, their rights and support them in their choices, whatever they are. I want to let them know how important first contact with their child is in their future relationship. So that they can discover how much power there is behind all this. Reclaim their power and find out how it affects their lives and the world around them.

Since 2008 I started to consult women in pregnancy and after birth with the support of an experienced midwife.
In the following years, I collected enough material and info, so much so as to write a book (in Italian) on the sleep of babies, Dormire bene per crescere felici. Now, it is still not possible to have the book in other languages, but you can benefit from my “Sleep Well” workshop, of which there are beautiful reviews.

Since 2015 I work as a doula and childbirth educator and walking the path of spirituality. I feel, in fact, that my doula work is more complete when, in addition to the physical and emotional, one can also work on the energy aspect of the body and mind. For this reason, among my many certifications, you will also find practices like reiki and womb healing.

My education
    • I am a Certified Birth Doula (CBD (CBI)), Postpartum Doula
    • Childbirth Educator and Lactation Consultant in training
    • Certified Pregnancy Massage
    • Spinning Babies workshop
    • Rebozo certification with Gena Kirby
    • Nutritional advisor

Energi Bodywork:

    • Usui Reiki Ryoho, Reiki Master
    • Certified Butterfly Touch Massage
    • Certified Moon Mother Level 2 (Womb Blessing and Womb Healing)


  • I speak fluent English and Italian, and intermediate level of Norwegian (B1)



 I want to give you the opportunity to know your options, your rights and support you in your choices, whatever they are. So that you can discover how much power there is behind all this, so you can see your value, your strength, and power of being a female, a mother, and parent and to help you to achieve your desires for your birth and for your family.

“When you are doing what you love, it won’t feel like work. It is an expression of you.”



I live in Oslo and take assignments in and around Oslo up to about 40 km away (Oslo, Bærum, Akershus, Drammen).

Are you curious to learn more? Contact me, even just for a cup of tea or a chat.
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2 thoughts on “This is me

  1. Hei!
    Jeg heter Laura og jeg er 27 uker gravid, og jeg leter etter en doula å følge fødselen min om de siste ukene. Jeg er spansk, men jeg snakker norsk og engelsk på middels nivå.
    Det er mitt andre barn, og jeg har plass på ABC fødsel avdeling i Oslo. Termin datoen er 9 August, men min følelse er at det kan bli født tidligere. Mitt første barn ble født 3 uker for tidlig, og dette svangerskapet har de samme følelsene.

    Jeg ønsket at du sender meg informasjon om deg.
    Litt som språkrer at du snakker, filosofi, utdanning, erfaring, pris, måten du jobber på ..

    Jeg leter etter noen til å følge meg på denne veien, det er min første erfaring med en doula, og jeg er veldig glad i det.

    Tusen takk, og jeg håper svaret ditt.

    Mvh. Laura Garces

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