Mother Blessing and Closing the Bones Ceremonies

Do you want to celebrate the birth of your baby and you as a mother, with loved ones around you?

Many cultures around the world observe specific postpartum rituals to avoid ill health in later years (Traditional Postpartum Practices and Rituals: A Qualitative Systematic Review).

Here, the intent is not of cultural appropriation, but rather to draw inspiration in creating our ceremony both during pregnancy (Mother Blessing) and after the birth of the child (Closing the Bones).

Mother Blessing

Mother Blessing is originated from the Blessingway. Blessingway is a Navajo Indian ceremony that celebrates the “changing of the woman, who is the inner form of the Earth through seasonal transformation”.

A woman transforms into mother and like mother Earth, she forms new life that is bonded with the energy of creation. A mother’s blessing is a sacred celebration that honors the mother to be in a special loving ceremony.

Mother blessing is different from the modern baby shower.

Typically a baby shower will focus mainly on present-giving for the new baby, and only touch the surface of pregnancy, birth, and the parenting experience.

A pregnant woman tends to be wide open emotionally. They seek deep personal connections within themselves (and others), and opportunities to explore and validate their innermost fears, hopes, worries, dreams, and expectations.

Details and prices

Details will be decided together with the mom. The price will be decided based on what she wants to include and the number of guests.

Father and other children can participate. The blessing way is designed for the mother but the fathers (and other children) are also so very welcome to participate.

Closing the Bones

The Closing of the Bones is inspired by a  Mexican tradition where the postpartum mother is anointed, massaged and wrapped in the Mayan tradition.

There is a calling of her spirit back to herself as she has been a portal for carrying new life, and has walked the threshold between worlds. A transformation has also begun as the mother embraces new aspects of herself through this rite of passage into new stages of motherhood.

Generally the process literally helps to “close” the body of a Mother after the birth, which is an opening by itself.
This is primarily a ceremony to celebrate the rite of passage and does not focus on healing the body. If you are looking for a healing process, I suggest the Belly Binding.

This ritual will certainly help to “close” the new mother energetically.

Since both pregnancy, and in particular the intense process of labor and birth, can be very vulnerable moments for a woman, I strongly suggest this kind of emotional and collective support.

Details and prices

The Closing the Bones ceremony is designed for mothers from 6 weeks postpartum and beyond. The ceremony is open to all mothers at any time who wish to find a closure for themselves and wish to take part.

It is advisable to be accompanied by a close relative/partner. All the participating women will perform the task of holding the space for the woman.

Details will be decided together with the mom. The price will be decided based on what she wants to include and the number of guests.

Give something special!

What a great opportunity! Both these ceremonies can become fantastic gifts for the mother and the couple.

Gift certificates can be purchased for an occasion like this by an individual or a group of family members, friends or work colleagues.
If you want to know more, get in touch with me, Tamara.