Clothing and accessories for a newborn in Norway

What do our babies need as soon as they are born?

Knowing exactly what you need before the baby is born is not that easy. It is even more difficult to navigate between the different offers found in stores. It can be expensive to buy everything that is needed, and it makes sense to distinguish between what is needed and what is not so necessary.

Many people get excited and start buying lots of clothes when the baby is not yet born. It is natural that we must organize ourselves before the baby is born, but we must not forget that the baby grows very quickly at the beginning, and the same dress will not carry it for a long time. And then keep in mind that a lot of gifts may come.
One thing is certain: the baby needs clothes already when you go to the hospital, and when he is home he will need one change a day.

We need to think first of all about the season in which it will be born, and buy the clothes that are best suited to the temperatures. Whatever the season, it is advisable to take baby bodies, jacket and hat for when you go home. If it is cold he must obviously be dressed more.

You will certainly have to purchase diapers in advance. You can choose between disposable diapers and washable reusable diapers. Disposable nappies come in different shapes and sizes. The advantage of cotton diapers, on the other hand, is that they are more environmentally friendly. Remember that cotton nappies should be washed before using them and it is advisable to buy around 20 pieces.

It is also recommended to buy one size up, and make sure that the bodies have buttons around the neck (it will certainly be more practical) and the onesies have an opening in the bottom or alternatively between the legs.

To start we make an overview of how to choose the sizes, comparing the height with the age of the newborn up to three years and considering that the size “0” of newborns is only indicated in the case of low weight children as premature babies:

 50 cm: Birth

56 cm: 0-2 months

62 cm: 2-4 months

68 cm: 4-6 months

74 cm: 6-9 months

80cm: 9-12 months

86cm: 12-18 months

92cm: 18-24 months

98cm: 24-36 months


General layette proposal:

6-8 bodies (possibly panties and sweaters)

3-4 trousers or kick pants/leggins/tights

1-2 hats (thickness and quality according to season)

1 windproof coverall (not for summer children)

Mittens without thumb (in the winter)

1-2 set of wool jacket and trousers

2-3 cotton pajamas

3-4 pair of socks


In the summer:

6-8 Long-sleeved bodysuits in cotton (or shirt and shorts/trousers)

6-8 Short-sleeved bodysuits in cotton (or shirt and shorts/trousers)

3-4 Trousers or kick pants/leggins/tights

Cotton socks

2-3 Jackets in cotton

2-3 Cotton pajamas

1-2 Hats in cotton

1-2 Blankets


Extra clothes for winter:

2-3 Bodies in wool

2-3 Tights in wool

1-2 trousers and jackets in wool

1 suit in windproof fabric

Mittens without thumb

Socks in wool

1-2 Hats and wool

Hat in windproof fabric


Other baby equipment:


2-3 Baby towels

Mild soap, bath oil and shampoo

Travel bag for the stroller

Bed / Basket / Crib

Duvet and mattress

3-4 sets of covers for duvet and mattress

Changing place (with soft changing pad)


Car seat


Stroller for baby

 Choosing a stroller is perhaps what expectant parents spend the most time considering and choosing. So let’s look at our needs: you live in the city or in the countryside, you drive a lot or take public transport, you walk a lot in the woods and fields …

Barnashus gives you several options that may be right for you, based on criteria that you consider important.

Checklist for buying a pram:

Stroller with baby bag

Rain cover

Cup holder or organizer

Warm travel bag “vognpose”

Changing bag with changing mat

Wool blanket

Thin blanket

Lambskin for stroller

Reflexes (for winter)

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