Womb Blessing® and Womb Healing

womb-logo-lgeIn 2017, along with a dozen of other women, I joined the first group of Moon Mothers in Norway.
Now, in 2019, as a certified and authorised Level 2 Moon Mother®, I can offer much more, to women, men and couples:

To women of all ages and stages of cycle:
To men:

I am now able to offer a specific blessing called ‘The Gift’, a recognition and validation of the Divine Masculine in its relationship with the Divine Feminine.

The Gift is a gift of the presence of the Divine Feminine for men. It raises a man’s vibration and open his consciousness to the Divine Feminine, bringing healing, validation, love and transformation. It can be seen as a validation of authentic masculinity and the releaseof its expression in the world.

To Couples:

I am excited that I can also work with couples to receive personal Gifts and Womb Blessings together, as part of their spiritual relationship and as an expression of their love.

The work with the couple consists in a Womb Blessing® for the woman and The Gift (as a Gift of the Goddess) for the man at the same time. Couples are receiving personal Gifts and Womb Blessings® together as part of their spiritual relationship and expression of love. The session for the couple is about 60-90 minutes long.

Why a man should receive the Gift?
  • Validates your masculinity by the Divine Feminine – the soft, unconditional loving acceptance of who you are now and the awakening of your authentic nature through the female energies.
  • Confirms the importance of all levels of your being, activities and life, through Divine Feminine love, serenity, beauty and strength.
  • Creates an intimate relationship with the Divine Feminine in all her archetypes and energies, teaching you how to dance with Her energies both within the Universe, in life, and in women.
  • Helps you to walk a life path of well-being, development, growth, abundance and success, in companionship with women and their female energies.
  • Helps you to see and honour the sacredness in your female partner and for her to honour the sacredness within you.
  • Helps you to feel safe, secure and empowered through a more centred, altruistic, caring and loving expression of masculinity.



What is a Moon Mother?

Being a Moon Mother is a path of spiritual development, of personal development, of service and of devotion. Moon Mothers are women who have answered the call in their hearts to share the womb blessing energy and to help women to awaken to their femininity, to heal and express their natural spirituality in the world.

Moon Mothers can be therapists and healers, they can be counselors and mentors, they can be priestesses and celebrants, they can be workshop leaders or teachers, they can run women’s groups or women’s circles, or they can simple be women who wish to help other women in their lives. Each Moon Mother bring something unique and special to the role of being a Moon Mother.

“Imagine a woman standing in front of you, bathed in moonlight.

She is radiant in the silver-white light, and on her palms rest two Full Moons. At her brow is a white star, at her heart lies a silver chalice surrounded by pale pink light, and at her womb level lies a golden cauldron glowing with light and filled with the oceans of the world.

Golden roots grow down from her womb and disappear deep into the Earth.
She is serene, complete, strong, gentle and loving.

She is a Moon Mother holding the Blessing energy.”


What is a Womb Blessing®?

The Female Energy Awakening into Love (Womb Blessing®) is a system of energetic methods to connect women to a specific vibration of feminine energy to bring about:

  • Personal transformation and a return to a more original and free form of femininity.
  • Harmony and balance in the four female energies to create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance and harmony within the menstrual cycle and within a woman’s life.

The Female Energy Awakening into Love (Womb Blessing®) system helps women with or without a womb or a cycle to grow in self-acceptance, self-love and empowerment, and to walk a path of love and femininity in the world.

Each Awakening builds on the previous Awakening creating a journey of self-realisation and personal growth and development.

Even though there is no need for a special reason to do a Womb Blessing, it is a gentle and healing way to honour times of transitions of major life events such as:

  • Menarche
  • Engagement, beginning of new partnership, marriage
  • Pregnancy (the blessing is not recommended for heavily pregnant women)
  • After birth
  • Recovery from miscarriage
  • Post-abortion care
  • Menopause
  • Times of loss/grieving




What is a Womb Healing?

The Womb Healing works to balance the feminine archetypes, restore their energies and release emotional/psychological/physical blocks and obstacles. In a Womb Healing, I work with balancing your own energy and restoring the balance within your cycle.

A Womb Healing is a beautiful, gentle way of clearing out the old and painful events from our past caused by old trauma or abuse, and opening a new way into the future.

Womb Healings can bring:

  • Feelings of self-acceptance
  • Empowerment and completeness
  • Return the menstrual cycle to balance
  • Support women through the change to menopause
  • Help menopausal women embrace their new form of femininity


A Womb Healing helps either to prepare you to receive the Blessing or to integrate its energies. For this reason the Womb Blessing is usually combined with the Womb Healing.

Alternatively you can opt to do a Womb Healing on its own. This is a good choice for you if you are experiencing difficulties or unresolved trauma or if a Womb Blessing doesn’t feel right at the moment.



What is a Female Soul Healing?

According to the method of Miranda Gray, the Female Soul Healing acts on the three energy centers of women. Compared to the Womb Healing, it expand the healing to include the Chalice (heart) and the Star (third eye) Gateway as well aas the Cauldron (womb) Gateway.

  • The third eye. It supports the hormonal cycle and opens the spiritual consciousness.
  • The heart. It heals the heart and issues of trust, love, giving and receiving.
  • The womb. It acts on the physical problems and the emotional patterns that we hold around our pelvic girdle and womb. More specifically, the healing works on the four female archetypes so that more acceptance can arise for each of those energies within us. We can so accept ourselves as a cyclical woman, with appreciation for each of the phases in our lives.



Single Session Package (10 Sessions)

800,-kr 60 min session for 1 person

1200,-kr 90 min session for the couple

4200,-kr for 1 person

for the couple


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