Choosing Tamara as our doula, was the best decision I could ever make for the birth of our child.
Tamara just assisted my first birth at the ABC unit at Ullevål and she was an essential part of making it my dream childbirth experience.

The class before birth gave me and my partner confidence
that we could handle early labor well, and Tamara’s calming presence in the early stages at the birth center was super helpful for my partner.

She also certainly earned my gratitude (and every penny of her fees) for the handling of my awkward choice to lie on the shower floor while she bathed me and made sure I was as comfortable as possible, given where I wanted to be.

She also took a few really beautiful photos during labor that I know we will treasure forever.

Finally, her chocolate covered power truffles are an excellent energy treat for those dazed hours after birth is over.
Tamara is an extraordinary woman!
She helped me a lot when I first became a mother, she supported me and gave her valuable knowledge. Tamara is so full of love for her work and gives off light.

I feel trust to be in her sweet hands. Tamara is always in search, she studies with passion and gives what she experiences.

She is incredibly creative and generous. I admire Tamara so much, she is an example for me and a point of reference.
Tamara was of great help for us during the birth of our son.

She was a great support for me and I’m glad she was there helping me.
If I go through this another time, I would like to have Tamara there again.
Tamara can be a support not only to mum, but also to the midwife in dealing with the unexpected, remaining calm, and building trust between strangers in a room of intense stress.
Tamara is present without imposing on the midwife's role, she isn’t patronising or judgmental, and she respected my decisions (for better or worse!)
Tamara’s Sleep Workshop is nothing like any other parenting workshop in Oslo. There is a lot of information that everybody should know. It must be spread as much as possible so that we can all get a good night’s sleep!
Thank you for being present.
I felt safer especially in the most difficult moments.
A Father
Thank you for the support in the Conscious Birth workshop.
The birth was a gentle home-birth in water as I hoped for and no fear was present, just trust and surrender.
Tamara is an amazing woman! She is always proposing new activities, coordinating people, and coming up with interesting things to learn or do in group meetings.

I've realized how important it is to learn more about your body and mind as a woman- in order to live to the fullest in harmony with nature- all thanks to her. I really rec
ommend Tamara.
I’ve known Tamara since 2017 when we met at a Moon Blessing. I regularly participated in Womb Blessing circles and ceremonies and could see the many benefits they bring to us, women.

I wish to warmly recommend her work to all mothers (new ones or those to become) and also women wishing to dive deeper in self-knowledge and divine connection with nature.

I have received healing from this modern "witch" woman, who knows, sees, and can heal other’s souls.
Irini Hara
Tamara is a sweet Moon Mother.
I felt welcome in the Womb blessings group with her and magic sisterhood in Oslo. Muito obrigada!
I attended Tamara’s Womb Blessing and Women’s Circle in 2019. She has a lot of knowledge and she holds space for spiritual community in Oslo. Tamara is a sweet Moon Mother and a powerful healer.
Anna Kristin

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