Red Tent Circles of Sisters

Welcome Sisters,
The Red Tent is a Sisterhood, where we come together in circles and celebrate being who we are and how we were created. It is a safe, woman-only space and supportive community; a place where to find a time out when we need it to nurture our soul.

Red Tent is a sacred space of Love.

The intention is that we honor our many differences and also first and foremost learn to create and cultivate a healthy woman-honoring culture. One that recognizes that we as women cycle together in our blood cycles. We struggle and rise together in our many stories of fertility, infertility, sexual identities, choices, struggles, dreams and friendships.

This is an opportunity to tell our stories, share our wisdom, cry and laugh and rest inside a place that we collectively create to honor our place in society. Women are known to enter a Red Tent Temple having never been in one and simply weep that it exists for them.


Who comes to a Red Tent Temple?

Women of all ages. Those who are in menopause time of life are needed here to make our circles whole and women who no longer have wombs are welcome. Young women are welcome if they have begun their moon cycles.

You are welcome to bring food to share too. You are also welcome to cook for us when you are ready! It is good to support this giving with voluntary donations that renew costs for women giving so that women do not feel burdened or burnt out but rather supported and sustained.

There is a suggested donation (100/200kr) but not necessary.


Still not clear what it is?

I invite you to watch this video.

Or search for answers to the most frequently asked questions by following the link below:
Frequently Asked Questions.
The Red tent is also a global movement and this group is the first officially registered group in all of Norway, and perhaps still the only one present in Oslo:


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I look forward to seeing you there! Wishing you a blessed day!