All the packages are customizable to fit your unique needs: you can add and/or remove services. Prices may vary based on what you choose to have in your package. You can also buy extra hours, within the packages for kr 400/hour.

Deluxe Birth Doula Package kr 20.900
Essential Birth Doula Package kr 12.300
Lite Birth Doula Package kr 6.100
10-Hours Postpartum Package kr 5.700
20-Hours Postpartum Package kr 9.400
Special Postpartum Package kr 10.800


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Other services
Single Consult (3 hour) kr 2.100
Reiki treatment (1 hour) kr 800 for the first meeting (kr 600 for the subsequent)
Childbirth preparation exercises (30 min) kr 400
Mother Blessing and Closing the Bones Ceremonies kr 3.500 (starting from)
Belly Balm&Bengkung kr 600+ kr 250 (40 days rental) + kr 250 (deposit) + kr 110 belly balm
Womb Blessing&Womb Healing (1 hour) kr 800 for the first meeting (kr 600 for the subsequent)
Educational classes
SleepWell Workshop (5h) for groups

Early Bird Price: kr 750 for one person – kr 920 for the couple.

Regular price: kr 900 for one person – kr 1.100 for the couple.

Birth with no Fear (3h) For groups: kr 500 for one person – kr 900 for the couple.
Private: kr 1.680
Butterfly Touch Massage (1h) For groups: kr 200
Private: kr 600
Prep classes for a Positive Birth Private: kr 2.100 (3h)  –  Kr 3.900 (6h)
Positive Birth Movement – Oslo Donations
Gift Certificates From kr 300

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