Prep classes for a Positive Birth

During the preparation course we will be focusing on giving you the basic information and documentation about childbirth, and we will focus on the techniques for a positive and gentle birth.
The course will be designed based on your needs and you can choose a 3 hours or a 6 hours course.
Comfortably at your home, you can choose when and with what format.

Because of the limitation on time, the 3 hours course is suggested for who is expecting the second (or more) child and we will cover the points of your greatest interest (usually it is pain management and techniques for a gentle birth).

Topics Covered

  • Evidence-based information on what happens during pregnancy, labor, birth, and early weeks of babyhood.
  • Personalized help in choosing among your options and in writing your birth plan.
  • Practical techniques for a smoother, easier birth. Tools and skills to help you prepare for labor, birth, and parenting.
  • Overview of the process of labor, what women are looking for during labor and what supporters or partners can provide.
  • Understanding of how women feel during labor.
  • Support and encouragement.
  • Decision-making strategies to empower you to make choices during pregnancy, birth, and parenting.
  • Overview of how breastfeeding works, overcoming common problems, feelings in the postpartum period and tools to help with parenting.

Learning Outcomes

With the tools I will provide you, you will be able to:

  • Write your own birth plan.
  • Find out the best techniques for you to use during labor and birth.
  • How your partner can be of support.
  • How to cope with the pain.
  • What are your rights and your options.
  • Recognize the Baby Blues from the Post-Partum Depression (PPD) and when ask for help.


Prep classes for a Positive Birth – Prices


2100,0- Kr

3900,0- Kr


A special price will be applied by purchasing more than one of my services.

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