Gift Certificates

Looking for something special for the person you love?

Gift Certificates for moms an mother-to-be are an excellent gift!

Why a Gift Certificate?

  • To receive extra care during pregnancy and/or after the baby is born (mom is exhausted, baby is premature, there are no close relatives, ...)
  • To gift a Baby Shower/Blessingway or welcoming baby home from a group of friends
  • Because the planned help has not yet arrived
  • When a new mom needs brief "crisis intervention" support to help her through a challenging time
  • To gift her with a lovely relaxing massage
  • When a birth preparation class is needed

How do I get one?

Gift certificates can be purchased before or after the birth of a new baby by an individual or a group of family members, friends or work colleagues. The gift certificate can be used for a full package, toward a package or added onto an existing package.

To purchase a gift certificate, and for more information about Natural Power of Birth gift certificates, please contact me, I am happy to help.