Conscious Birth program

Being pregnant is full of new challenges and I can help you make this life changing transition easier.

Being pregnant is full of new challenges: from morning sickness, to lack of energy, to dramatic physical changes and emotional mood swings.

Giving birth and becoming a parent can be scary as your life is about to change forever.

I can help you make this life changing transition easier

How this program work

Through my “Conscious Birth Program” you’ll have the secret of how to overcome your fears, stay fully present, and deal with pain. You’ll get hold of the important skills you need throughout pregnancy, birth, and into motherhood.

And I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

I can take you through the Conscious Birth Program with or without your partner or you can choose to do it entirely on your own. Although, I strongly recommend having a reliable support team throughout your pregnancy into motherhood.

Course curriculum

This course is divided into 5-6 meetings taking approximately 10 hours, with audio files for meditations, and downloadable handouts.

Plus a BONUS, 1on1 Womb Healing session is available if you desire.

  • What is a positive and gentle birth?
  • Effects of fear and decision making
  • Undisturbed birth and hormones for a natural and gentle birth
  • Breathing exercises
  • Befriend your fear
  • Anchor Meditation
  • Connect with your baby inside. Meditation
  • Rebozo Practices
  • Body preparation training
  • Discover how your unique stress storm is created
  • Quick solution session
  • Emotional release ceremony
  • Womb Healing Session
  • Visualize and create your ideal birth


Thanks for the support. The birth was a sweet family water birth as I hoped and there was no fear, just trust and surrender.
I took part in Tamara's birth preparation course "Conscious Birth" - it was not only helpful in preparing for the birth, but also just finding new things about you. How do you cope with stress, how to deal with it.
I had a conscious birth where I was able to stay present and deal with the pain in a gentle way. All the things in the program were very helpful and breathing using vowels was the key for me.

How to book

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Private Sessions 

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