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The Story of Aniko’s Birth

I always suggest to my clients to write the story of their childbirth. A written birth story is a wonderful way of recording your birth as so much of what happens is forgotten over time.
For Aniko and her new family, I have had the honor of being a postpartum doula. I gave them support during the following weeks, after their return home.

Aniko got the time to write about her birth and gave me the consent to share her beautiful story, a positive one that could inspire other parents.
Thanks Aniko for sharing your story with us all.

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The 6 benefits of raspberry leaf

This article is also available in Italian

We know that we can use certain foods instead of drugs, but we also know that in the period of pregnancy and lactation we have to be more cautious.

Prepare a tea with the leaves of raspberries for a stimulating effect on milk production and to achieve a relaxing, rejuvenating and strengthening the uterus.
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