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Videos on Latching your Baby

I found this page to be an incredible resource for new parents.
Here you can find videos that show you if your baby is drinking well, a lot or a little, depending on the age of the newborn.
This is the Dr. Newman Breastfeeding Clinic. It provides reliable and well-researched information based on 34 years of Dr. Jack Newman’s leadership, experience and evidence-based practice.

Breastfeeding Videos

Why Birth to Age Three Is So Critical For Your Child’s Health

When we are expecting our first child, sometimes we are a little confused about what we really want. We create a birth plan which then remains in the drawer, we prepare for a natural birth and we end up with a C-section, we want to breastfeed on demand and even breastfeeding is more difficult than expected, we program the skin-to-skin contact and instead, doctors take away the baby, and we almost do not see it, because they have to wash him, take measurements, dress, etc…
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