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Red Tent for Mothers

Are you expecting a baby or have you just given birth?

Then this group is for you! This is a circle dedicated to all mothers during pregnancy and until the baby is around 5-6 months. The first 40 days are the most delicate and difficult. For this reason I thought about creating a repeated event where women could meet and share their experiences honestly and safely. The intention is not a group of mum and child or a playgroup, but a place where women can talk about how they really feel.

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The Story of Aniko’s Birth

I always suggest to my clients to write the story of their childbirth. A written birth story is a wonderful way of recording your birth as so much of what happens is forgotten over time.
For Aniko and her new family, I have had the honor of being a postpartum doula. I gave them support during the following weeks, after their return home.

Aniko got the time to write about her birth and gave me the consent to share her beautiful story, a positive one that could inspire other parents.
Thanks Aniko for sharing your story with us all.

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