Butterfly Touch Massage


Butterfly touch massage is a technique developed by Eva Reich that can be used for all ages for healing and growth. The light touch used here melt tension, heal trauma, and result in the life energy flowing from the core to the surface and beyond.
Often used by Eva on the babies, she observed them responding, coming out of the birth shock and afterbirth treatment.

In this 1-hour class I am going to teach you how to practice this massage on your baby and/or on your partner.

It can be used for birth, babies, children to:

  • relax during birth and restore energy after birth
  • integrate the birth experience
  • help parents to bond
  • help adopted children to heal and bond
  • relax colicky babies
  • calm hyper children (i.e. for sleep)

and also for therapy to:

  • heal memory of primal trauma
  • restore energy after accident/illness
  • soothe animals
  • promote bond for couples
  • develop spiritual connection with the body

Bring your own yoga mat.


Butterfly Touch Massage Class – Prices

Private Session Groups

900,- Kr

300,0- Kr


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