Birth Doula Packages

New prices from March 2021


All the packages are customizable to fit your unique needs.

You can add and/or remove services. Prices may vary based on what you choose to have in your package. Extra hours can be bought within the packages for kr 400/hour.

 Customize here your own package to fit your unique needs.
In any case, get in touch to confirm the price or for special requests.





6.100 Kr
8.300 Kr
12.300 Kr
20.900 Kr

Pregnancy care

First meeting free
Prenatal visits 1 visit (1,5H) 4 meetings (8H total) 4 visits (8H total) 4 visits (12H total)
Birth plan
Two weeks on call 24×7
Extra support for the partner
Physical presence at birth
Birth Report
Backup Doula * *
Virtual Labor support
Postpartum care
Postpartum visits 1 visit(1,5H) in the hospital 1 meeting (2H) 6 hours: – 1st week: 1 day, 3 hours. – 2nd week: 1 day, 3 hours. 24 hours: – 1st week: 3 days, 4 hours each. – 2nd week: 2 days, 4 hours each. – 3rd week: 1 day, 4 hours each.
Unlimited consultation by phone or messages
Access to my library of books/videos
Handmade Rebozo
Tens Machine
End of Pregnancy Recipe Book

* The backup doula may be available on request. Prices and conditions vary according to the availability of the backup.

We will decide together, according to your needs, how to use the prenatal preparation time.

Here you can see all my services

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During the meeting, there is no push to buy any of my services, but rather we could understand if we are a good match and how I can serve you better.

I will help You…


Providing you with the necessary step by step education so that you can make the best choice for yourself, your child and your family.


With strategies to manage the pain and fears of childbirth.


Giving you the support you want, be it physical, emotional, informative or spiritual, at all phases of childbearing.

What clients say

She has being present without imposing on the midwive’s role, not being patronising or judgmental, respecting my decisions (for better or worse!)
A single mom
Tamara can be a support not only to mum but also to the midwife in
dealing with the unexpected, remaining calm and building trust between strangers in a room of intense stress.

Tamara just assisted my first birth at the ABC unit at Ullevål and she was an essential part of making it my dream childbirth experience. The class before birth gave me and my partner confidence that we could handle early labor well, and Tamara’s calming presence in the early stages at the birth center was super helpful for my partner.

She also certainly earned my gratitude (and every penny of her fees) for the handling of my awkward choice to lie on the shower floor while she bathed me and made sure I was as comfortable as possible given where I wanted to be.

She also took a few really beautiful photos during labor that I know we will treasure forever. Finally, her chocolate covered power truffles are an excellent energy treat for those dazed hours after birth is over.


You can also buy…

Fast Perineal Healing (postpartum), 500 ml, to support your healing after the birth of your baby. A specific aromatherapy preparation for a fast healing of the perineum. All made fresh with natural ingredients and without preservative.

Perineal Support Spray (pregnancy), 50 ml, in preparation of childbirth, useful to elasticize the perineal tissues. All made fresh with natural ingredients and without preservative.

Extra postpartum hours can be purchased separately, within the packages, at kr 400/hour.