The legacy of the Wild Mothers


2020; ProRes video; colour; 40 min  – Cinematography: Margarida Paiva – Participation: Irini Hara, Johanna L. Rivera, Milda Rai, Tamara de Zotti, Vanja – Music: Enza Lattanzi – Sound Mix: Kenneth M. Lewis

“A documentary about a group of women living in Norway that have a deep connection with the natural world inspired by ancient shamanic beliefs and practices. They hold a special relationship with nature by reviving old rituals centered on the worship of goddesses, the moon, animals and the female reproductive system.”

 As one of the film participants I am happy to invite you to the free screening which will take place from 3th to 8th March 2021!

Watch it here!

An online talk about related issues such as ecofeminism, spirituality vs. ecological politics, etc. will be held on Zoom

Thursday March 4th at 20:00 CET 2021

All interested need to register in advance by clicking on the button below.

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