From Heart to Hara – A sacred Journey

Do you also think that a better connection with your Inner Self and nature are essential to live a free and abundant life?

Then join us into into a magical journey of self-love and self-knowledge.

“I am the Voice speaking softly.
I exist from the first.
I dwell within the Silence,
It is I who poured forth the Water.
I am the Womb that gives shape to the All.”
Gnostic text, Trimorphic Protennia

The workshop invites women of all ages (newly menstruated and in menopause also), skin color, profession or spiritual belief to join us into a Journey in a Sacred Space, a Womb – Heart Grail container.

This Journey is dedicated to all Women who contributed to the Awakening of the Womb power and to all women before and after us.

The Hara (Womb) is where our Power and Ancestral Wisdom reside.

Only when the Womb is united with the Heart’s wish the magic can happened and many blessings come into our Life, fulfilling our deepest desires.

Since ancient times, women all over the world learned to practice Womb Rituals to better connect with their Inner Self and Nature and for living an abundant Life.

Each woman has in herself a Temple where she can practice consciously daily Rituals to cherish and honor her Sacredness and all her beautiful Essence, into a magical journey of self-love and self-knowledge.

What will you get?

During this 6-hour long workshop, the participants will explore the Feminine Path of Living from Heart into the Womb, by:

  • Learning how to synchronize your physical cycle with that of the seasons and the moon through the study of the 4 main female archetypes;
  • Receiving Womb Blessing®. A path of female transformation and healing, and a path of returning to our authentic femininity that help women with or without a womb or a cycle to grow in self-acceptance, self-love and empowerment;
  • Learning to create a sacred ritual and space for your own Womb Altar, based on the teachings of masters Dr. Azra and Seren Bertrand (authors of Womb awakening system);
  • Meditating with Lunar and Solar ovary breathing;
  • Listening the sounds of the womb and Voicing the Womb through movement and Voice;
  • Learning how to perform a womb self-massage and its benefits (the Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Theraphy);
  • Evolving of the motherline through the rediscovery and transformation of the limits we have inherited;

What do you need

Those who decide to participate are invited to bring the following items.

For the Altar

  • A piece of cloth of 50x50 cm, of a color or pattern (or embroidered) that is in tune with their own energy;
  • A stone of a medium size (representing their Womb);
  • 1-2 crystals they feel are having the same vibration at the level of the Heart and Womb;
  • A picture or object which belonged to someone in your female lineage;
  • A picture or object of a masculine person or guide or of somebody in your family (father, son, beloved);
  • Symbols or objects representing the 4 elements (bowl with water, feathers, stones, essential oils etc.);
  • Some art object created by you (made on paper, canvas, ceramic, metal etc.);

For the Womb Blessing ceremony

  • 2 bowl (1 fireproof for a candle and 1 waterproof and safe to drink from);
  • 1 small candle to put in the bowl;
  • 1 object of personal value to add to the altar (it could be one of those already listed above);
  • A scarf

How to book

To reserve your spot or if you have any questions, please contact me, Tamara, through the button below.
Registration is binding.
As soon as you have make the payment, I will reserve your spot.
If you need installment, please let me know.
Cancellation policy
We require 14 days cancellation notice prior the event, otherwise we will charge you a cancellation fee as below, due to organizational expenses:
§ 100% refund 14 days prior the event.
§ 50% refund 7 days prior the event.
§ No refund 1 day prior event.
The ticket can be transferred to another person or to another event/session.
We reserve the right to cancel the workshop in case of too few participants. In that case, you will be informed one week before the event and the total amount paid will be refunded.

Next event ...

Check the Event page!

The next date will be:

Saturday, 14 March 2020 from 14:30-20:30

Kundalini Yoga Skolen

Prof. Dahls gate 30, 0260 Oslo, Norway

About us

Me (Tamara) and Irina will run the workshop. Let us introduce ourselves.


Tamara (also Shakti Nam Kaur, the Princess who is the sacred embodiment of divine female creative power from being absorbed in God’s Name) is a trauma informed Certified Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Nutritional advisor. She is an Energy Healer trained as Reiki Master and Moon Mother® (level 2).

She is working with women circles since 2017. She is studying trauma resolution through behavioral and somatic approaches, and deep–body and movement–based facilitation.

She is passionate about Shamanism, Feminine Awakening and women (couple)'s rites of passage celebrations.

She is the founder of “The natural Power of Birth” and she is part of the Country co-ordinator Team of Moon Mothers in Norway.


Irini Hara (a Womb for Peace) is a space holder for women circle in Oslo since 2017, a shamanistic practitioner since 2014, a spiritual coach and way shower of Divine Feminine.

She loves to combine personal development tools and knowledge with creative endeavors and spiritual practices in performing magic rituals and holding sacred spaces for women.

She already led circles and workshops in several countries (Portugal, Romania and Norway).

She is also trained in Family Constellation and Art therapy by Pia Kalhof (Kongsberg).


From Heart to Hara Workshop – Price

700,- Kr

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