Why is the womb so important?

Why is the womb so important?

We live in a Masculine-centered world where we live a life of “fixing” things. But this is not the Feminine way of life.

The womb, heart and mind are extremely connected. Working only with the physical means not living your full being. The result is living a life based on fear.

This kind of life leads us to trigger our primitive “Fight and Flight” brain response. Everything will be reflected in our daily life with a sense of anxiety, stress, vulnerability.

Science and medicine solve the problem only on a physical level. We need to reconnect.

To some degree we all experience disconnection because we have not been able or free to live in a society that nurtures authentic femininity.

This is why the Womb Blessing is important. It offers us a new path, healing, a way to feel good in our body and in our self, and to be connected with your whole being.

Connection is about experiencing a sense of self.

The womb is THE center of power, strength and empowerment for women. It is the portal that connects us with Mother Earth and fills us with vitality, sensuality and self-confidence. The womb, however, is directly connected to the heart, which, opening up, is helping us to heal with strength and love. The relationship we have with our womb influences our physical body, our womb cycles and our thinking.

As Miranda said:

“We are used to using “the head” to describe our thinking self and “the heart” to describe our loving self, and now we need to reclaim “the womb” to describe our empowered female self.”

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